Sponsorship and Donations

Sponsoring and making single or regular donations helps fund research to prevent and cure heart disease.

What People Donate

Foundations welcome donations in the form of small and large electrical appliances, pieces of furniture, homeware, and accessories. You can also donate children’s toys, DVDs and CDs, jewelry, clothing, handbags, shoes, and books. Some people donate specialist items and items of value as well. There are many foundations that offer to pick up and collect items for free provided that they are in good condition and clean. They will arrange a convenient time to fit your schedule and pick up usable items at your location.

There are other types of donations, including vehicles, matching gifts, and gifts-in-kind. Some foundations run matching gift programs whereby employers are also welcome to participate. Estate planning is another option. Some people include heart foundations as beneficiaries in trusts and wills. There are different types of gifts in wills, including specific, pecuniary, and residuary bequests. A specific bequest, for example, can be in the form of shares or real estate. A residuary request, on the other hand, is a gift in the amount of the reminder left after making gifts to relatives, friends, and family members.

Other Ways to Donate

Corporate sponsorships are also welcome and help fight heart disease. There are different partnership opportunities to explore and support prevention programs, community education, and research. There is an option to fundraise for some foundation or volunteer by taking part in community speakers programs, project work, and event participation and organization. Some foundations also run online shops to help fund research. They offer health accessories, accessories and gifts, clothing, stationary and books, and more. Memorial giving is another way of helping by honoring a loved person. These are ways to provide one-time or ongoing support for lifesaving research and help drive change in a positive direction.

What to Do

One option is to set up regular donations on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. You can choose a preferred amount and payment method – by charity, American Express, or MasterCard or by postal order or check. Just enter a card number, expiry date, card holder, and payment type. Foundations welcome regular giving, and you are free to cancel, decrease, or increase your donation.